Who is rpKids?

rpKids specializes in Litter-less Lunch Options, Exclusive Back to School Gear, Worry Free Hair + Body Care products, Luxury Kids Bedding, Toys and anything else that your child aged 3 - 8+ could need. Every child is unique in their own way, so we go out of our way to source high quality and purposeful products that you won't find at your typical Big Box store.   While we want you to keep coming back and shopping with us, we'd prefer you spent your money on an item that will last your child through 3 school years rather than possibly saving a little and buying a lower quality product that will have to be replaced numerous times due to quality.   

As our own children got older, we discovered that we were importing products from overseas for our kids or buying from our vendors as we couldn't find what we wanted in Calgary or even Canada sometimes.  We knew that if we couldn't find what we wanted in Canada, then other Canadians were in the same boat.  So rpKids.ca was born!  Along with Rockpretty Baby and 4URPretty, we now offer our customers 3 fantastic stores to shop from for the whole family with one easy checkout.

Every product we carry is kid tested!  Our boys are super great kids but let's face it, they drop, bash, throw, kick, and step on or over their lunch bags constantly.  We won't carry a product that can't past the "boy test".  As for our girls, we have a whole team of classic "girly girls" and not so "girly girls" so we get that not everyone loves pink.  However, everyone needs a little glitter in their lives!  At least we do.  Not to mention they are just as rough on everything as the boys.  They just might not make the same Ninja noises as they karate chop their sandwich.

We know how frustrating it is to pack lunches, snacks, and drinks every day.  We get that by November you've given up trying to be creative with the cucumber slices and who has time to bake anymore.  We know that you are wishing by now the kids could just make their own lunches.  Maybe then they would stop complaining about what you did or didn't give them.  This is why we source litter-less lunch items and lunch bags that will stand the test of time and make lunch prep just that little bit easier.  As soon as we figure out how to put honing devices on everything to make sure they come back home we will let  you know.

We don't have a physical store, but we do have a Local Pick-up option available during checkout at our location in Calgary SW.  

Our mission is to make your experience shopping online at  rpKids smooth, enjoyable and refreshing, all without sacrificing great customer service.  We love to hear about new products especially from our customers. Nothing beats a real life testimonial. Please don't hesitate to share with us your favourite finds which we'd be happy to add to the ever expanding list of products that we offer.

Happy Shopping!
Thank you for supporting an independent Canadian Retailer!!!
Anna, Becky, Molly, Jill, Nancy & Angela